KHEM Studios is the result of decades of experience designing and making everything from Sculpture to custom one-of-a-kind textiles and furniture. Exceptional levels of detail and craftsmanship is embedded at the heart of KHEM Studios. It’s in all the details of our products that you find the individuality and unique originality that is KHEM Studios.

Our company was created to solve our own problems. After moving out of Brooklyn and apartment living, the search for contemporary furniture and items for our new modern home was proving difficult because we wanted items that were not the commercial modern home staples. The arrival of our daughter and the daily grind of wear and tear between us, a toddler and our large dog called for practicality, durability and elegance. Our linoleum top tables in the Lofted Collection are a great example of this because we wanted the right amount of color within the wood and metal. Eco-friendly (made from linseed) and durable (aka toddler teething and percussion performances with tableware), this Swiss manufactured laminate became a great solution for our home.

Each of our products is intended to solve a problem or provide an alternative to more traditional approaches while most importantly becoming a signature piece in your home that is built to last in the way that heritage pieces can and do for you and your family.

Furniture, textiles and home accessories that encourage contemplation.


All our products are designed and produced in our private studios in the Hudson Valley. We utilize our knowledge of traditional processes, technologies and our contemporary fabrication machinery to fabricate textiles and furniture with the highest quality materials. Our facilities are an integrated system of workflows to design, prototype, produce and take to market a collection of furniture, textiles and home accessories meant to bring good things into your home.