Why is it called the Whale Bone Collection?

Why is it called the Whale Bone Collection?

   The "Whale Bone Cutting Board" from KHEM Studios is a unique and artistic culinary accessory that combines practicality with aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the graceful tail of a breaching whale. This cutting board is not just a functional tool but also a piece of art that seamlessly blends into kitchen décor while serving a variety of purposes. Crafted with precision and care, the Whale Bone Cutting Board has garnered attention for its innovative design and regionally sourced stunning hardwoods.

KHEM Studios Whale Bone Cutting + Serving Board in hard maple.

   In 2018 KHEM Studios did a pop-up in Hudson, NY. Previous to that, KHEM Studios had  been strictly online. The market was a success and allowed us to get important feedback and learn about our clients likes and needs. The city of Hudson was historically a major whaling hub so in thinking of the whale tail and our hardwoods more bone-like, this inspiration was integrated into the name the Whale Bone Collection.

Crafted with both functionality and design in mind, the Whale Bone Cutting Board offers a balanced feel when moving food from the countertop to the table. The design is inspired by the iconic tail of a whale emerging from the water, capturing the essence of nature's magnificence. The ample surface area provides ample room to prepare and serve an array of foods, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

   The cutting board is constructed using regionally sourced kiln-dried woods from the USA, ensuring the use of sustainable materials that align with eco-conscious practices. The Whale Bone measures 13.5” x 14.5” x 1.125” in thickness, offering a sturdy and reliable platform for various kitchen tasks. Moreover, all the woods from cherry to American black walnut and hard maple used in crafting this cutting board are treated with food-safe finishing products, enhancing the board's longevity and safety for culinary use.

   The cutting board is available in various sizes and wood options, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences and needs. Some variants, like the "Mega Whale Cutting Board," offer a deep channel that helps keep juices from carving meats contained, demonstrating the board's thoughtfulness in design to cater to different culinary tasks. The Large Whale Bone offers a larger surface area for cutting and serving while providing the comfortable handle for serving.

KHEM Studios Large Whale Bone Cutting + Serving Board in American cherry hardwood.

   The Whale Bone Cutting Board not only serves as a functional kitchen tool but also adds an element of art and nature to your cooking experience. Its unique design, sustainable sourcing of materials, and commitment to food safety make it an ideal choice for both home cooks and culinary enthusiasts. Whether used as a cutting board or a serving platter, the Whale Bone Cutting Board from KHEM Studios embodies the beauty and functionality of design inspired by the natural world.

   We have designed each name and collection to highlight the most distinct feature of the board. Curious about why there is a Monster collection? Stay tuned!

KHEM Studios Mega Whale Bone in American Black Walnut
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