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All the reasons we love the Walrus Oil Brand and encourage our clients to use their products.
Straight from Walrus Oil
Are your products made or derived from Walruses?
No, Dave just really likes Walruses!

What cleaning method would you recommend for cutting boards finished with Walrus Oil?
Gently hand wash with light soap and lukewarm water will preserve the finish longer.

Are your wood finishes food-safe?
Yes, we only use ingredients that are 100% FDA-approved for food contact surfaces to make our products! This means you can use Cutting Board Oil or even Furniture Butter on your butcher blocks or wooden utensils.

What is sustainable forestry?
Our goal at Walrus Oil is to plant as many trees as we can to replace the trees used for woodworking projects. Without trees, there would be no woodworking; and without woodworking, there would be no need for wood finishes. What helps the Earth, helps the trees, helps you, and helps us! Sustainable Forestry is a conservation method that ensures all the trees don’t disappear one day.

What is 1% For the Planet?
1% For The Planet is an association of businesses committed to donating 1% or more of gross revenues to environmental organizations that work to help nature thrive.