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End Grain Square Butcher Block

End Grain Square Butcher Block

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12x13x2 Inches

What makes the End Grain Butcher Block your best board?

  • Durability: End grain cutting boards are highly durable and can withstand heavy use for a long time. The arrangement of wood fibers in an end grain board makes it resistant to knife marks and helps prevent the board from warping or cracking.
  • Knife-friendly: End grain boards are gentle on knives. The orientation of the wood fibers allows the blade to slide between them, reducing the amount of force needed to cut, which helps maintain the sharpness of your knives for longer.
  • Self-healing properties: The unique construction of end grain cutting boards allows them to "heal" to some extent. When you cut into the board, the wood fibers tend to separate and then close back up, minimizing visible marks and preventing the board from showing signs of wear as quickly as other types of boards.
  • Hygienic: Wood has natural antimicrobial properties that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria. The self-healing properties of end grain boards also prevent deep grooves where bacteria can thrive, making them a more hygienic choice compared to other materials.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: End grain cutting boards have a visually appealing pattern with the exposed ends of the wood grains. They can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and make for an attractive presentation when serving food.
  • Versatility: End grain boards can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks beyond cutting. They make excellent surfaces for food preparation, such as kneading dough or rolling out pastry, as the wood fibers provide a slightly cushioned surface.


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