Danish Cording

   The 3-ply twisted paper cording for chair seats and benches began in the late 1930s in Scandinavian design. At the time, the world was engulfed in war and the rattan and cane supply popular with furniture making could not be acquired. The alternative natural rush, typically woven with hand-twisted bulrush or cattail leaves was associated with rural farmhouse interiors and a rough texture. The apartments in city life made designers like the especially noteworthy Hans Wegner seek a more refined durable natural material. The popularity of the paper corded woven seat flourished by the 1950s. 

     The comfort and beautiful texture of the woven seat is strong and typically require being rewoven every 60 years by a skilled weaver. The paper cord is a sustainable material made from certified wood and is biodegradable. The handwoven process takes many hours to complete and requires no maintenance. It is easy to clean with a neutral colorless soap solution. All these attributes make paper cording a very attractive way of constructing a seat today. Our paper corded bench is not only about stylish elegance, but also about functionality – it serves a purpose and stands the test of time.