• Explore the History, Use, and Care of Cutting Boards

    Cutting boards are essential tools in any kitchen. They provide a surface on which to cut, chop, and prepare ingredients for cooking. While they ma...
  • Sinfully Delicious Angel Food Cake

    Inspire fun ways to serve up sweet treats. The Angel Food cake is a timeless light airy cake. Serving it up with our Extra-Large Circle in maple provides a warm and inviting winter treat.
  • Danish Cording

       The 3-ply twisted paper cording for chair seats and benches began in the late 1930s in Scandinavian design. At the time, the world was engulfed ...
  • The Cake Board: French Chocolate Fudge Cake

     Can't you envision a wedding or feast with a multiple cakes on a board serving a bountiful table of guests? Why eat one cake? Why not bring the warmth of wood in it's formal and informal character to the dessert? The Cake Board is a thing!