The Cake Board: French Chocolate Fudge Cake

The Cake Board: French Chocolate Fudge Cake

There is no limit to the ways you can use your KHEM Studios boards. The Cake Board use is our latest deep dive into making magic with our boards.

   Many months ago, we discussed wanting to create images with food and that percolated as we worked sun up to sun down on production for the 2022 holiday season. There are many hours of sanding and finishing involved with all our boards and the benefit of that for me is having the time to listen to podcasts and audio books. The impact of listening to The Splendid Table  cannot be understated nor can the enjoyment of listening to Jacque Pepin's memoir, The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen. Mouth watering inspiration began to hit me. 

   Erik and I wanted to introduce inspiration for our clients on ways to expand the use of boards. The bevy of food content on social media is mesmerizing and sometimes daunting. I found this recipe that dates back to 2000 (yes, I am now referring to 2000 as vintage!) and it pushed me to explore baking outside of the box...boxed mixes that is. The boiling water with stainless steel bowl nested above the water, so magically melts the unsweetened Ghirardelli chips, cocoa powder, butter and extracts. This technique was new to me but it was so simple and yielded such a wonderful cloud of chocolate goodness to the kitchen. 

   This may already be out there but the cake board has such potential to bring presence and place to a cake that yields the best of what food brings to an experience. My first time baking this was for a dinner we were hosting with friends. I used a gluten-free flour (King Arthur GF Flour) so that Erik could enjoy the dessert as well. Anyone who bakes GF knows, there is a gamble with substituting the flour. Magic was on my side that evening and a very supportive friend who was a helping hand getting the powdered sugar dusted on the cake. Raspberries or cherries seem like a great accessory to this chocolate indulgence. 

   Can't you envision a wedding or feast with a multiple cakes on a board serving a bountiful table of guests? Why eat one cake? Why not bring the warmth of wood in it's formal and informal character to the dessert? Explore your own chocolate cake experience with this recipe


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