Sinfully Delicious Angel Food Cake

   Winter is a marathon especially here in the Hudson Valley where Spring seems to sprint by into Summer. The best way to get through this quieter time is finding fun and spirited ways to spend time with family and friends. I have been very food focused in how we enjoy our time together here to both explore more challenging recipes (at least for me) and of course have fun using our cutting and serving boards along the way. 

   Angel Food cake is a versatile cake that is wonderful for birthdays, as a   dessert and for tea parties. Yes, that is right. Tea parties. I stumbled at our local library into a book that had tea party themes from a few decades ago. The ideas from caviar on crackers and homemade pretzels to scones, the book took our imagination to a tasty level. I am always a fan of sweet and salty and tea can be a soft or flavorful accent. I made the angel food cake using the recipe from Taste of Home. Keeping it simple with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar that makes the texture of the cake pop. The maple Extra Large Circle board was a lovely blonde companion that allowed the slightly browned cake texture to pop.