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EGG Board Bundle

EGG Board Bundle

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Elegant Duo Cutting and Serving Board Set

Double the utility and beauty in your kitchen with our Elegant Duo Board Set. This bundle offers a perfect pair of cutting and serving boards, making it an effortless win for both meal preparation and table presentation. Crafted from furniture-grade, kiln-dried woods—choose from cherry, maple, or black walnut—each set includes two boards designed to make your dining table special.

The larger board, with dimensions of 22 x 15 x 0.75 inches, provides extensive space for cutting and arranging meals, while the smaller board, measuring 16 x 11 x 0.75 inches, is ideal for smaller tasks or intimate gatherings. Both are perfect for everything from daily meal prep to hosting with style.

Hardwood Care Guide

  1. Clean Gently: Use a damp cloth for cleaning; avoid harsh chemicals and do not immerse in water.
  2. Dry Properly: After cleaning, dry immediately and store vertically to avoid water damage.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Periodically apply food-safe oil and wax to maintain the wood’s integrity and appearance.
  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight to prevent warping.

Disclaimer: Unique Wood Characteristics Each set in our Elegant Duo collection is unique, featuring natural wood grain and color variations that highlight the beauty of the materials used. While we ensure top quality and aesthetics, please note that there can be slight variations in grain and color, adding to the unique charm of each board.


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